Female Monologue #1 OHIO (Nick Zagone)

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20 August 2012 by Giulia Allione

3 weeks ago I had a casting for a movie so I had to prepare my lines and a monologue. I looked in internet for FEMALE MOVIE MONOLOGUES.

I had no clue on what to do, and had not enough time to read books and watch movies: so I had to rely on videos on internet. And I had to find the right one very quickly for I only had a couple of days (actually a couple of nights since I work full-time)…but no way!!!

I found very poor and desolating the world out there 😦

Actually it is full of sites and blogs that show monologues from movies…but can you believe me that I found ONLY MEN’S MOVIE MONOLOGUES?

So I gave up looking for monologues videos and I started searching for theatre monologues at least, and I eventually found the one of Cat from OHIO (by Nick Zagone).

I prepared it with no video that could help me with some good acting tips.

It is a comedy but since my audition was for a horror movie I changed the intention and I acted as the girl was a kind of psycho-killer (and the words allowed me to do it).

Hereafter you can find the words.

So check this out and stay tuned…as every Monday I will post a “female movie monologue” hoping that this can make it easier for us girls!

CAT: Hear that song? I love this song. It’s one of those songs you always hear, but you never know who plays it. I’ll probably never know. I don’t want to know now. It would probably ruin the feeling. Whenever I hear this song I always feel there should be credits rolling you know? Like it’s the end of something. The end of a movie. It just brings up so much… that guitar. It’s concluding something. It’s talking. The credits are rolling over the lead actor’s dead body facedown in a gutter. The camera pans back. The rain is pouring down. And all that guitar can say is “Oh well.” “That’s Life.” “Whatever.” Every time I hear this song from now on I will remember this day and what happened and what I did. And I will remember this moment in time, right now, this exact place, the smell, everything… and the scene will freeze and the credits will roll. I never want to know who plays this song. It would ruin everything.

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